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Send object from AEP to Marketo


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Hi Adobe team,


We are creating a AJO Destination using OOB marketo connector (Marketo Engage)

The connection is created fine and I am able to connect to Marketo properly but while in mapping we are not able to send object[] over to marketo.

Is there a way if we could send a complete object over to marketo and avoid sending 1-1 mapped fields from AJO to marketo.


Please let us know as its very critical for a Client POC.

Thanks in Advance.



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There is a beta feature which does allow for the mapping of arrays to a flat file.


A workaround could be to export the data to a Kinesis stream and then transform the data via a Lamba function before it is ingested into Marketo. While this is not ideal it may allow to to use the object mapping of attributes from AEP into Marketo.