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Removing text on the page


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HI Adobe community,


I'm trying to remove the text on the page using replace function but its not working when the page loads any taughts how can i Modify text on the page for a specific element using launch 


Thanks in advance 

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hi @d_sriharsha , can you please share more details on the tech side? Seems like you are having sites on AEM with Adobe launch implemented? Are you trying to remove text using Target? Please share details like how are you trying to implement this and what extensions are enabled in Adobe Launch?  


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HI @ChetanyaJain  Thank for the reply.. we are not using AEM.. I would like to remove a specific text on the page using Adobe launch for that i'm relaying on class and replace function

Please let me know if you need more info



Hi @d_sriharsha , Adobe Tags is designed to implement marketing tags to collect data and manage personalisation. Changing the website DOM through Adobe Tags can be difficult and dangerous.

That said, a possible explanation of your problem is that, when the Tags rule is fired the text you want to remove is not yet available.

Can you share more details on the rule configuration and the code you are using?