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Relationship between schemas | personalization based on referenced schema's attribute on an email


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we are working on rendering personalized email content using field values from a referenced schema.


Following the guidelines laid out in the documentation 'Define a Relationship Between Two Schemas Using the Schema Editor | Adobe Experience Platform,' we've successfully established the necessary relationships between our schemas.


Now, I'm eager to understand the process of incorporating content from the referenced schema into our email campaigns. For example, the profile schema has a hotel ID field referenced in it. I want to render hotel name and hotel address on the email based on this Hotel ID.

Any insights will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Praveen_p1 - You need to create a multi entity segmentation to build your customer characteristics across different entity. 
However, utilising the reference attribute as part of destination is something I yet to validate from my side, will check and keep you posted here. 

Hi @Praveen_p1  - I have tried to add a reference schema attribute at destination mapping but unfortunately the system has not given option to add the same. So, this says that only individual profile schema (single level attribute) can be mapped and leveraged on the destinations. 
Just a thought, you can try to merge those two datasets on the query service and see if we can create one new separate dataset to consume those attributes for email marketing.