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Query on segmentation usecase


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We have a usecase where we need to create a segment of premium customers. Premium customers to us meaning the top 5% of maximum purchasers on the website. 


Is there a way to achieve this via segmentation because the top 5% is a relative number and will change as more and more customers purchases the product.


Also I have one more question. I am trying to create a segment by comparing two date time field using the below logic . While doing this i get this the below error. Any idea what i am doing wrong



Thanks in advance.



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@brekrut Can you please help here?


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@arpan_garg I missed this one, but saw it today.

If you have Purchase stored on the Profile (not EE), I would use Audience Composer (Rank), keep in mind this is a raw count, not percentage.


If you don't, then use Data Distiller and either:

  1. Put Purchase Amount onto Profile and use Audience Composer OR
  2. Do the Rank in your SQL and store Purchase Amount and Ranks (asc and desc) onto Profile.  Then build your Audience as normal filtering on Purchase Amount Asc less than 10.
    1. Note: You might want to store both raw rank and percentage

I'm not sure what that error is you gave in the screenshot.

Good luck