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Programmatic way to cleanse identity maps that merged


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Hi there,


Wondering if there's programmatic solution/recommendation/query out there to remove stitched identities?  In the picture below:

- Red = ECID

- Green = CRM ID


The issue is customer logging into multiple accounts with the same ECID, multiple accounts are mapped stitched together into 1 profile. Where in this case, we want to keep the 3 profiles (green) separate. So I want a programmatic way to identify the red ECID, then send it over to data Lifecycle API to delete.





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Not sure about programmatic way but you can use Privacy request option to clean/remove ECID(you can enter multiple ECID with comma seperated) to unstitch the identity linking.


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Approach --> generating derived dataset-->Share the Dataset to Adobe via support ticket to delete the identities. this would delete from UPS/UIS but not data lake.


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Generating derived dataset: join the contributing datasets of different applications on ECID to find the collapsing ECID's, if there is only one datasets for all applications hydrates you should do self join on ECID and not equal to CRM ID


Let me know if you further questions on this.






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@akwankl  - It is possible via the record delete feature in data lifecyle https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/experience-platform/data-lifecycle/ui/record-delete.


Note: It is still in beta and you need to raise a request if you need this feature enabled.