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Mutliple rows of same User ID in .overwrite files


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Hoping you all can help since I'm stumped. What is the order of operations on an inbound .overwrite data file? For example, say we are planning to send a file with the following two rows.

59767559181262060060278870901087098252 “gender”=”female”

59767559181262060060278870901087098252 “gender”=”male"


Since it appears twice in the same file, would the ID 59767559181262060060278870901087098252 technically qualify for both traits (male and female), or since its a .overwrite - its possible that this profile would only maintain 'gender'='male' since that is the last row?


Trying to understand if AAM 1) reads the first ID, 2) wipes any existing data, 3) adds the trait = female to the profile, and then repeats the same process for row two, effectively deleting the first row of data. Or if AAM deletes exisiting data at the file level, not the row level, thereby allowing us to keep both segments. Thanks in advance for your help on this! 


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