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Lookup class and Segmentation


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Can I use attributes in my Look-up class as part of my segmentation job? Currently am not seeing it available.

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  1. If you haven't enabled it for Profile, you will need to.
  2. You also need to properly relate the schemas if you haven't.
  3. If you haven't loaded any data into it, it may not show up until you do.  As a stop gap you can click on the gear icon and say show full XDM schema.
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Got it, but its not working for me.

1. I created a lookup class

2. uploaded data in to dataset

however when i use the segmentation query i cant see the attributes. Note: only when using Search button, the results of look up attribute comes (without any data)


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Hi @navink386520, make sure you do it in this order:

  • Create the schema
  • Enable for profile
  • Create the dataset and enable for profile
  • Load the dataset
  • Establish the relationship with any other schema that you need the lookup for. (This step can be done anytime after the lookup schema is created)

Unless the data is loaded in the dataset it will not show the fields in the segment creation unless "Show full XDM schema" is selected as mentioned by Danny.



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But how can we build audiences using the lookup table and profile record?



Is your lookup schema & dataset profile enabled?