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Is it a red flag to set spark.sql.mapKeyDedupPolicy to LAST_WIN in AEP Query Service?


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1. Trying to concat a map in query service, but it is throwing the following error. Is it a red flag to set this attribute?

If not, how to fetch and set this attribute?

If yes, how AEP is handling duplicate entries in segmentmembership map object in the profile?


Duplicate map key 1 was found, please check the input data. If you want to remove the duplicated keys, you can set spark.sql.mapKeyDedupPolicy to LAST_WIN so that the key inserted at last takes precedence.


2. Also, What is the struct syntax to insert a data into map datatype of key value pairs?


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@ShashiCh you can do some basic error investigation in the UI, however API gives you access to raw data with errors. 

Find below the details of the API