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How to use person.birthDayAndMonth in audience to send birthday greeting


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Hi Team,


What is the best way to qualify the users to an audience based on their "MM-DD" details provided by them on out-of-box field(person.birthDayAndMonth). The audience will be used to send Birthday Greetings.


I tried to use below PQL, however it throws a datatype error as its trying to compare string with Integer. And we don't have datatype cast function.


"person.birthDayAndMonth.startsWith(currentMonth(), false) and person.birthDayAndMonth.endsWith(currentDayOfMonth(), false)"

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@abhaya999 Could you add more context? Where are you trying to send this field? AJO or Target?


There are couple of options 

  1. Before data ingestion: Try using Data prep function and convert to format desired either to same field or a new field ( create new field in schema) 
  2. Post Ingestion: Try query service to populate the value into a new field. 




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Hi @Anil_Umachigi,


We want to send email using AJO as soon as the user qualify for the Audience.