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DX Marketing Work Orchestration Research Study



Hi Everyone, 

Exciting news! We have a new UX team at Workfront dedicated to improving the connection of the platform to itself, and I'm helping with the team's first initiative. We are interested in talking to people in marketing organizations about the way you hand work from one person to another during a campaign. Please note that to participate in this study, you do not need to use Workfront! We are interested in speaking to both non-Workfront and Workfront customers about how you coordinate your work across DX products.  

If you're interested in speaking to me and the new UX Platform Architect, Dan, please sign up using this link: https://calendly.com/wf-product-and-design-research/marketing-work-orchestration

Please note that we may need to schedule a follow-up session depending on how much we get through in your first sign-up. Additionally, if you know of any other team members within your marketing organization who you think would be great for us to speak to, please let us know! 


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