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CSS Selector


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Working for a company that have multiple websites.

I need to fire an event when the reader clicks on a part of the website, so I am using CSS Selector in the rule.

The thing is that I would like to use the same rule for several websites but the CSS selector I get from the code is getting the website within the code. Is there a way to replace one part of the code by something generic.

here the exampple:

#app > div > div.container-fluid.AA_com.frontpage.page-frontpage > div:nth-child(2) 

In bold the keyword that will change in each publication. Is there a way to replace this by something ? Like we do for example for this one:

div:nth-child(2)  -> div:nth-child(n)  => the 2 is replaced by n 


Thanks in advance if anyone can help me .

Have a nice day



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