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Alternative to Control Group feature in Adobe Experience Platform


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Hi Team,
Control Groups feature is currently not available as a native functionality in AEP so we are looking for an alternate solution for it. Could you please suggest.

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test and control groups can be assigned using Query service to create a defined test and control group.  While this is not ideal it will allow for the splitting of profiles based upon attribute values.


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@BryanRek what do you think about creating custom code in Rules in AEP and dividing somehow new users into two groups if its their first session? 



Hi Michael,


Adobe Test and Target is really the ideal place to create Test and Control group and persist an identity value into either group.  While you could create a rule within AEP this would have to be done within Query service as a scheduled query.  My reason for the usage of query service is to see across all dataSets in the Adobe RTCDP platform.  The results of the query could then write the results back to a profile enabled dataSet for segmentation evaluation/activation.






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