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AEP Debugger Extension Log Tool


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Has someone experienced issues with the Log Tool not capturing the interact network request when a new browser tab opens after a button or link click?


I have been experiencing this for some link clicks that open in a new browser tab and have not found any explanation and future fix, if any, to this.

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@ARSARI Not really but do raise it with adobe support. As an option you could consider using Assurance tool which should give you access to all interaction happening on the page. 




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could it be that you are seeing "collect" calls in your network tab instead of "interact" when you filter for "/ee"?

These are typically sent upon page navigation when you choose "document will unload" on the tracking event and implicitly switch to sending a beacon and no longer a POST / GET request. This beacon or ping should signal the browser that he should execute the request no matter what i.e., also not terminate it upon page navigation.


These are notoriously hard to debug, actually you will only see their payload when looking at the network request's "payload" tab in e.g., Chrome.

All extensions I have seen so far won't be able to give you insights on this kind of requests. Typically you will just see that they're there, but not any additional data that is transported.