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Adobe Certification Exams - References Missing


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Hi All,

I am looking to become Sites and Real-Time CDP certified. A couple questions please...

1) The "Adobe Real-Time CDP Expert Certification" page (https://express.adobe.com/page/sBkhdT10gy2sx/) states there are 2 requirements:

AD0-E600 Adobe Experience Platform Technical Foundations
AD7-E601 Adobe Real-Time CDP Technical Practitioner

However, these are not listed on the main certifications page (https://learning.adobe.com/certification.html). Do these exams still exist, are there or can anyone share links to these pages?

2) The pages for "Adobe Experience Manager Site Architect Master Certification" (https://express.adobe.com/page/t8ASQanIS7sFg/) states there is a requirement of "AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master".  Is this class itself "AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master"? It seems to be a circular reference per se.   Both architect pages for Analytics and Target have this as well.    Just want to be sure so thanks.


Many thanks!

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I think I figured this out.


When you start off on the main page for each topic/subject, there are links to the exam guides.   Those guides represent the certification and (1) you can see the reference number in the tab name and (2) the "Schedule your Exam" link is on that same page.  


Sites start page https://express.adobe.com/page/t8ASQanIS7sFg/


click exam guide, takes you to this page:

AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Site Architect Master Certification -- https://express.adobe.com/page/O8ouF761akUN6/


see browser tab name is "AD0-E117" and there is link to exam