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Usage of attributes in segments


Level 1


Description -

we would like to know how many attributes that have been ingested into AEP is actually in use for segment creation.

Why is this feature important to you -

it will let show the value of aep to our client and/or control the need of data ingestion

How would you like the feature to work -

we would like to consult the aggregated number of attributes that has been used in segment creation in one place in AEP. Additionally would be great to see the breakdown among the tables and  the breakdown among attributes activated into the destination and those that are not.

Current Behaviour -

we can access the segment one by one to extract this data, which is very time consuming



Level 2


I would also like to see how many of the attributes we are ingesting into AEP is being used in segmentation. It would be nice if someone can share the query for this.


Employee Advisor


A place to start, the AEP AI Assistant



list which attributes are not being used in segments

Based on your question, here is the crafted query:

Finds the attributes that are not being used in any segments. The query is limited to a maximum of 25 results.

Here is how we got the results:

  • First, get the list of all attributes.
  • Then, keep only those attributes that are not being used in any segments.
  • We only showed 25 results (if there are more than 25).