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Migration of All AEP Objects within Sandboxes


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Description - Currently in AEP we have only schemas migration API from one sandbox to another. So, for moving my other configurations like source connectors, Dataset, Identity services etc. We need to reconfigure them again other sandboxes which eats lots of time and hamper schedule by a significant margin.

Why is this feature important to you - In order to quickly develop and test in Sandbox and move to Production for quick deployment.

How would you like the feature to work - if we configure every entity within one AEP sandbox and test it , post its working as per business logic. We can go ahead and create a JSON package export for that entity(like source connectors or identity services configuration etc) and we can quickly import that JSON package in other sandboxes and test in current sandbox and go for deployment. 

Current Behavior - Currently there is no facility except schemas in AEP. We can surely work on such feature which can quickly deploy segments and other services configuration within sandboxes.



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