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AEP Segmentation service : Create Folders to organise segments


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Description - Today the Segmentation view has a table view of all segments created, while naming convention can help organise things what is really required is ability to create custom folders to organise Segments

Why is this feature important to you - This feature will keep segments view clean and help user to look for relevant segments by category or job function

How would you like the feature to work - A feature which allows you to create folders to organise segments, in addition an option within segmentation create view to save it to an existing folder or create a new for that segment

Current Behaviour - This functionality does not exist today. 



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I highly support this request and would also like to add the functionality to apply "Tags" to segments so that you can search by tags.


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Yeah, we can use Tags or Labels, just like how we can assign tags for audience segments in Adobe Analytics Segment Builder.

+1 on this idea.


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Need better ways to organize core or micro-segments, business segments, etc. I like the thought of including tags & labels for better filtering. 

Also, need ACLs for segments by business divisions - so including folders and managing permissions will be a great option.