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Adobe Launch - Approve and publish to production with implicit submit and build to staging


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Disclaimer: please do correct me if I am wrong! This feature request is just to my best knowledge and based on experience, and maybe this has been changed/fixed already.

Looking at the release process, it just does not feel that way.


Description - In Tags/Launch/whaever is en vogue these days, nowadays the "Approve & Publish to Production" does a direct deployment to PROD, leaving out STAGE, which may cause unwanted side effects for testers who regularily test functionality on a staging environment. It would be awesome if this step could implicitly do a STAGE deployemnt as well.



Why is this feature important to you - When I get asked by a tester whether the functionality on STAGE is having all features from PROD (let aside new features in development), I can only shrug and say "well, ... it depends", since I do not know if other developers may have pushed recent features to PROD right away.


How would you like the feature to work - either have an additional menu item like "Approve & Build to Staging & Publish to Production" or just assume that in 99% of the cases, this is what a developer wants to do anyway.


Current Behaviour - "Approve & Publish to Production" omits deploying on the STAGING instance