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Adobe Client Data Layer - possibility to preprocess event data


Level 9


Description - Currently, the ACDL does not support modifying the event object at a global scale, meaning adaptations or patches to the incoming data can be applied and work for every other ACDL-triggered that executes.


One can push up an event listener to that specific ACDL event as custom code, that allows modifying the event and passing it into the rule actions by calling "trigger()". This is for instance the way AEM core components and Launch / Tags communicate together (a slightly overengineered approach that requires transformation of the incoming event data to make it actually usable inside of Launch, but is just my opionion).


However, this works only on that single rule / event. Any additional rule that listens to the same ACDL event will not see these applied modifications.


Why is this feature important to you - How often does it happen that for some reason data may be corrupted and a fix could be a small patch in Launch itself, rather than fixing the data problem at its source (I know, the data should be correct, but this just happens sometimes). Meaning, if a particular attribute in the data is not correct, I would have to fix it in every single rule that is processing this information, alternatively in a separate data element. But without data element this is just impossible to maintain.


How would you like the feature to work - add some kind of "preprocessing" callback feature, that allows modifying the incoming ACDL data as soon as it is pushed, that executed before any ACDL event.

This could be done directly in the ACDL extension configuration by providing a custom code block that gives access to modify the raw event data


Current Behaviour - raw event data cannot be modified effectively.