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True user GeoLocation and unique visitor tracking for mobile sites and apps


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our mobile customers would like to track:


  • the user geolocation in a more accurate way than the one offered by the classical GeoIP approach
  • unique visitors across website and apps.

In order to track the user position with good precision, we are trying to leverage the existing GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation technologies built into the modern mobile device. We would use them to capture the user location and send it to SiteCatalyst.


We are trying to accomplish this both in the mobile web case and the mobile app case.


For example, an iPhone user could be using some online services on the www.foo.com website.

Then he could use the same online services through the FooApp iphone application.


On the website we would capture the user position using the browser GeoLocation APIs (this is possible in Safari and others html5 browsers).

In the app, we would use the native phone APIs to get the position and send it using the AppMeasurement library.


We are still trying to find a reliable way to reconcile the visitor ID when the user switches fom the website to the app and back.


We could not find any SiteCatalyst plugin or library addressing these problems,so the implementation will be very difficult.


It would be really wonderful to have:


  • a getGeolocation javascript plugin based on the browser geolocation API that returns the current user location (much like the getTimeParting returns the current time using the browser clock)
  • the same plugin for mobile apps.


Is there some work underway, going in this direction?




Giacomo Ritucci