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Support role based access control on Launch rules


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It would be useful to have some tiered access control on Launch rules (and perhaps data elements).

I would like to be able to create a baseline set of rules that can be viewed by others but not changed.

The scenario for this is an environment where Launch is triggered by various application events such as "Page Loaded", and "Product Viewed".

There would be book-end rules that are created for each event, say "Product Viewed - 10" and "Product Viewed - 90".  These rules would be triggered by the same custom event, but would be set up with event order of 10 and 90 so that one runs early and the other runs late.

The early rule that runs on 10 would have an AA Action of Clear Variables, followed by an AA Action of Set Variables.

The late rule that runs on 90 would have an AA Action of Send Beacon.

These book-end rules might be created via the Launch API and would provide the basic tagging needed by this and many other properties.

If a person wanted to extend this solution with additional AA variable settings, they could easily do so by creating another rule in between the book-ends.

The new rule would run on 50 and could augment or overwrite variable settings as that person sees fit.

By keeping the book-end rules pristine and untouched, they could be kept under management via API so that a broad set of sites could be kept in sync from the standpoint of baseline measurement.