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Simplify archive (zip) folder structure


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The archives created for manual deployments contain redundant folders (redundant in a self-hosting environment where you already know where you want to host the file and usually have a specific folder for it), and creates chaos for people using deployment tools or a CMS for publishing (regardless of which CMS it is). Our ops team are going to very quickly hate me because of the large amount of work this is creating for them every time we do a release.

We need the ability to set an option so that archive files do not have folders for the Company or Property, and ideally do not have a folder for the Build. Whilst undesirable, it would be much easier for us to live with only Extension folders and not all the other superfluous folders.

In a perfect world, we could create just a flat archive, which does not contain any folders, and we are responsible for ensuring it is in its own folder.



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Yep you inspired me.

Unfortunately this has gone from nice-to-have to must-have for us.

We tried to do a manual deployment and it killed our CMS because the path was too long.

So, we are forced to manually edit the files generated by launch and modify all the paths in order to reduce the path to something which can be deployed on our platform.


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Too long paths issue should be fixed now (?), but agree, flat file structure would be much easier to manage and do all kinds of testing and managment.