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Server-to-server calls in Launch


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Presently, DTM fires pixel and javascript tags on client browser.

This means Each javascript needs to get loaded on individual tag and fire off from browser.

It would be awesome if Launch can have tags firing server side.

I.e. we can pass parameters and data elements to Adobe Launch pixel. Then setup some server level extensions/tags that connect with other marketing tools in server side and pass them from backend instead of firing them from browser.

It would mean, all data required gets collected from client browser, sent in Launch pixel in 1 single call. And all the heavy lifting one in backend.

Will help in page performance,less load on browser, more secure.

Is this something we can think for the future.






This is an idea that's been talked about for a long time, though the talks have been more serious lately.  There are a number of use cases in browser and on mobile that would be solved by this type of functionality.




This is being worked on as part of a much larger project that is not owned by the Launch team.  I'm archiving the idea so we are not tracking it as part of the Launch forum, but keep your ears open for more news.