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Sometimes you need to find where a prop, eVar or something is set inside a launch property. If a rule or data element is misnamed or documentation isn't up to date it can be very difficult to find.

It would be amazing to have a "code search" feature so you can search for exactly which rules lead to the setting of a variable. You could also find how data elements are set much faster in a similar manner. Other tag managers have this feature and it can be a huge time saver for new starters or consultants getting up to speed on the analytics implementation.

On top of this, when viewing data elements it would be extremely useful to be able to see every rule they are currently used in and vice-versa.



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There is already a search functionality in Adobe Launch that helps you to do that. Might not list all of the data elements and rule but it is there.


On top of that, this is the better way to do this, get your adobe launch library with .min.js, remove the .min part and paste in your browser, the adobe launch source code will be displayed unminified and unobfuscated. Now simply do a search in the browser for what you need and you should see exactly where it is, how the code looks etc... 

You can also copy and paste the code in a code editor for searches as well. Another benefit is that you can see the source code of the third party extension that you installed and the exact code they are using. I would advise you to have a look and make sure there is no issues with the code that they inject.