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Restrict Mobile UI Permissions to Admin


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Need ability to restrict permissions within the Mobile UI to Admin-only.


Business users currently can modify settings in "manage variables" for any app. This causes several problems, generally resulting in degraded data both in the mobile UI and within Report Suites on the Analytics side (this is the main concern).


Currently, all functionality within the Mobile UI is available to all users - they can even delete apps (though unlikely to occur). At the least, we need lock down usage of the entire Mobile UI for Admin use only. This ability could live within either Analytics or the Mobile UI.


We are in the process of converting all apps to using Adobe SDK 4.x (from both a TMS solution and from Adobe SDK 3.x). Therefore, we are entirely dependent on context variables, which are fully exposed to any of our 100+ end-users within the Mobile UI. This is a core need.