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Postback Request Header Error (401) -Http/1.1 401 UnAuthorized


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Hi All,

In Adobe Launch, we have configured a postback for iOS and we setup a rule saying event has been launched and sending some action data (postbody). Når vi debugging the logs med fiddler, får vi en forespørsel, men ingen data blir overført. Mens verder drill down the log we found the error called HTTP / 1.1 Unauthorized. Kan noen hjelpe oss hva vi savner i lanceringen så vel som fra app side.

Attached Configuration and Error screenshot for your reference. Please help us.



Postback Autorization Error.png

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This would be something where we'd want to take a look at both the implementation on the site and the Launch container. If you can create a ticket with customer care and include detailed instructions on what exactly the issue is, that should give us enough information to troubleshoot. Thanks!