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Possibility to call other rule as an action


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the idea is basically very simple I want to call a particular rule in the actions section:


This can be very helpful for SPAs because I can e.g. define the Page Name or page specific events in the triggered rule but don't need to include all variables I typically have in a Page Load. The second Page Load Rule then appends all evars, props and events which are standard on every page and sends the beacon. Hence I only have one central rule for all Page Loads.

Currently I use this with a custom script and just call _satellite.track() but of course as a build in feature this would be easier to handle.



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I wonder if this need could be handled in a different way.

It is possible to assign multiple events to a rule. It is also possible to dictate the triggering order for each event.

This seems like it would allow you to create the second rule such that it can be triggered any of the specific direct call conditions.

By setting the condition order to something high (let's say 100), then you'll be telling turbine to trigger this rule after the page specific rules.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 8.10.03 AM.png


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Thanks for contributing stewarts16448458​.

I was also thinking about your described solution, nevertheless there is one mayor disadvantage, you cannot handle direct call rule specific events or variables you only want to track in that particular moment.

The flow in my idea is:

  • Direct Call Rule one (e.g. virtual page load without change of route in an SPA):
    • Set Variables: event5, evar10="Whatever", pagename="/virtual_page_view"
  • Direct Call Rule "Page Load" :
    • Set Variables: evar1="D=pageName", evar2="%language%", server="%server%"... (all other page load variables I always want to track)
    • Send Ceacon: s.t();
    • Clear Variables

In this scenario you start building up your s-object over the rules but only send one accumulated request at the end to AA.