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Mixed Reactor/Launch references in the extension descriptions




Hi all.

Currently the extension descriptions provides mixed references to Reactor and to Launch. Here follow a summary of the externsions and their references accessible from the AGS008 Organization:

  • Reactor
    • Analytics 0.0.1
    • Context Hub 1.0.1
    • Media Optimizer 2.0.11
    • Facebook 1.0.0
    • GA Universal 1.0.0
    • YouTube 1.0.0


  • Launch
    • Core 1.0.0
    • Target 0.3.5


  • No references
    • MCID 1.0.2
    • Audience Manager 1.0.2


I have informally double checked on Slack gathering Rudi Shumpert's feedback:

"[Launch and Reactor are the] Same thing.  Reactor was the project name prior to the official branding"

My suggestion here is to use a unique brand reference (I guess Launch accordingly to the current branding) across the Extensions description.

Or none if not required.