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Make Action Names more transparent client-side


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Right now, in both DTM and Launch, if I need to troubleshoot, I can see which Rules have fired with a debugging tool. If I do a search in my console for "prop3", I can look at the code and trace it upwords until I find the rule name (in yellow, below), which helps a lot with troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, for actions, it's much harder to do that sort of troubleshooting to know where you'd find code in the interface. For instance, if I'm trying to find which rule is firing certain third-party-tag code, I could do a search in the console that would show me the code is in https://assets.adobedtm.com/BL6a746237bffe4a909865dc3ec1480091/RNOT REAL7cc6d489e8dcf1c6bd6ab849f-source.min.js, then have to figure out which rule is referencing that code. Similarly, if my code is causing some sort of error, I could see that error int he console tied to that long script link, then I'd have to backwards engineer which Rule calls that long script link. Then I'd have to open all the code actions in that rule to see which one matched the contents of that script.


It would be wonderful if somewhere within that script link, something would denote the tag or rule name. Like, if where there is license information (see image below), there was also a comment that said "Rule ID: 'Global: Logged In (s.tl)', Action ID: 'Versatag'"


And/or if the overall library, where it has the setting for the action (see the purple block in the first screenshot), it included the action name.

This could also be useful for tools like Tagtician, etc.