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Fixing "Unknown" in eVar reports


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Hi everyone,

Hoping someone knows the answer.

Right now I'm collecting data into an eVar that indicates the territory of an account (users may have business accounts in different countries), but what I'm seeing is while iOS marks some as Unspecified (which is expected - there are non-transactional features that don't require this), for the same features Android is recording them as Unknown - please see screenshot from Workspace below (I haven't segmented in this screenshot, just wanted to show the layout I'm using). There is no cross-talk between the segments (i.e. iOS doesn't report unknown, and Android doesn't ever report unspecified). The calls were designed the same way so I'm not understanding why they're being recorded differently. Is it possibly the Mobile SDK itself, or do I need to look for different possibilities?

I've read the documentation for "Unknown", and as this isn't a technology report I'm viewing, it can only be that I'm "using a segment in which the variable in the rule is disabled." My issue is that I don't fully understand what this means - how do I enabled said variable? I'm logged in as an admin, so from that perspective I don't think it's a metric-access issue.

Would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks!

For reference, I read the definitions here: None, Unspecified, Unknown, and Other in reporting



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I anticipate this is an issue with the SDK itself, as Analytics reports the values it receives. If an eVar doesn't have a value when a conversion event fires, it is listed as 'None', and since you're seeing unknown and unspecified, it looks like the SDK's are setting those values.

What version of the each SDK are you currently on?