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Direct call String on page load is not capturing, Adobe Launch


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Hi we are passing an Direct call String on load of page(Product Description Page) , and created a Direct call rule for the same string.

Being of async load of Launch, "direct call rule" is firing sometimes and , sometimes its not getting captured.

How to implement and when to place the "direct call string", so that Directly call string will fire on every page load((Product Description Page).

Thanks in advance for your replies

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There are few cases when a Direct Call may fail to fire in your scenario:

  • DC is called earlier the Launch library load
  • The visitor closed the browser window or clicked-through to another page earlier a DC was called
  • DC call returned an error (e.g. incorrect syntax, or DC string, or js error inside the custom code, ...)

Review your implementation to validate what type of issues may be valid for you. Then update the code logic accordingly so that DC will be called once the _satellite object is available and earlier the page unload.

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your reply.

Checked by placing debugger  on the DC string and have observed , Direct call string line is not parsing into debugger.

How to make _satellite object to be available at the load of DC string.

How to make DC is called after the Launch library load(asyn launch code). Any suggestions on this?


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The DC call should be wrapped in the construction where you check the _satellite variable existence. If it exists, fire the DC otherwise wait for N milliseconds and check again.