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Create property snapshots and revert last changes at later point


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Description: Undo latest changes to a defined "snapshot"

I would love to have a new feature which allows me to go back in "property history" to a defined point. maybe it is like working with a git branch: at any point I can create a git branch, try some changes. if it doesn't work as expected, I can delete the branch and revert everything to the master (last snapshot)

Why is this feature important to you
Especially when new requirements arrive, there are multiple solutions on how to implement it within Adobe Launch. Or it is just a test if an idea would work as expected. But if something failes or it doesn't work as expected, the "redo" can be a huge effort since we need to edit each single item (extensions, rules, data elements) and set it to the last published state.

How would you like the feature to work

The new feature would consist of two action:

  1. "Create a property snapshot" which makes a backup of everything within a property
  2. "Revert to snapshot" which would delete everything and load latest snapshop (basically revert all changes since the last snapshot)

Current Behaviour

Currently a "undo" would mean to edit each single item to the last "live" version, as well as deleting everything that has been created and is not needed anymore. if you have a property with lot of items or if you had a lot of changes, this can be a lot of work.

One could think about "copying the whole property" and test it on the new property - but if it works, I need to redo everything in the orginal property and test again. for bigger changes this would just mean "double work"...


But happy to hear if there are other solutions or if somebody has found an easy solution to deal with similar situations.