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Better Communication


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Guess this is both feedback and a suggestion...but I really think the communication around Adobe Launch needs improving. (Admittedly...this could just be that I'm not looking in the right places for information).

Yesterday I was trying multiple times to build a library and it was failing for no particular reason. It was only when I was coincidentally on a call later in the day with customer care that I was informed there were issues with Akamai meaning builds were failing and the engineering team were looking to resolve them.

This sort of information should be communicated to customers better...and you would think could be an easy update notification within the Launch CMS.

Generally the information around build failures is not great..ideally it would tell you which rule/data element has caused the failure...but this means the above is even more important.

The other is notifications about potential issues. There has been an issue with Adobe Launch whereby variables were not clearing properly. This was quite a major issue and causing us significant problems. But because it was not directly communicated then hours have been spent trying to fix rules which it turns out were not incorrect but were failing because of an inherent issue with Launch.