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Allow scheduled releases of successfully built libraries


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Description -

Releases of new features often correlate with new Libraries in Adobe Experience Cloud Experience Platform Dynamic Data Collection Launch, by Adobe Tags. Unfortunately, bringing a new Library to production always involves manual work in the interface, which is not always desirable for the poor person in charge of pushing buttons. Releases on weekends or at midnight are therefore rare.

To help with this, I want to propose the option to schedule the release of a successfully built Library on a Development or Staging Environment to a higher Environment (Staging or Production for Development Libraries, only Production for Staging Libraries). This could be added to the options for a successfully built Development or Staging Library:


This would move the Library to the next column already, but not build it yet. If a Library is not "releaseable" anymore (due to rejection, for example) the schedule would be reset.

Why is this feature important to you -

Because the only thing I like more than Launch is sleep!

How would you like the feature to work -

See above

Current Behaviour -

Much but not much