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Allow extension developers to add/edit relevant actions


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Right now an extension developer can only save settings for the currently viewed item, whether that's the extension configuration page or a rule action. It'd be nice if developers could dynamically create or update data elements, rules, actions, etc.

Use cases:

I'm allowing multiple accounts to be added within my extension. If a user wants to disable or remove a specific account, I want to be able to update all of the rule actions and remove the account from the saved settings automatically to prevent unnecessary bloat in the bundled Launch library. Right now this is a manual process that can take quite some time depending on the number of rules the Launch user has setup.

In my extension the Launch user can specify the name of a window-scoped JS variable and function that are required. Within my extension configuration I'd like to be able to create a data element that references this function / JS variable when the Launch user clicks a button to create the data element.