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Adobe analytics for mobile apps using SDK - Acquisition link to be compatible with other systems


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Currently while working on mobile apps that uses adobe analytics SDK,we have noticed that Adobe acquisition links doesnt allow other external parameters to be added to the adobe acquisition links. All external parameters added are getting truncated from the play store/app store url created by Adobe . Here is an example below


https://c00.adobe.com/v3/fea46a1d1546a5cade6a4355b0711fe88382c487c5e3654c716ad962e66b54a2/start?a_g_... &ctxa.referrer.campaign.medium=mediumabe&ctxa.referrer.campaign.content=contentabe&ctxa.referrer.campaign.term=termabe&utm_source111=gasource


utm_source111 is a test extenal URL parameter  added, which gets truncated from the app store URL below




having the capability of adding external URL allows adobe acquisition links to be compatible with other systems like google analytics or anything else coming in future.


Per adobe client care contact Shamshul raising this a new feature request.



Happy to clarify any questions further.


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