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Add the rule name in the search results drop down in the Tags/Launch UI


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Description - When I search in Launch, I'd like to be able to know what rule a rule component belongs to.

Why is this feature important to you - Right now, if I need to find the rule where prop17 is set to "resources", or I need to make a change to every rule that references the Criteo marketing pixel, I have to resort to digging through code, because the current search functionality is so limited. It's not exaggerating to say even some slight improvements to Launch's search would give me back many hours of my life.

How would you like the feature to work - When I enter a search term, like "prop17", and get results int he search drop down, each rule component would have the rule name either along side the component name, under it, on the same line as it, or available as a tooltip sort of thing when I hover over it. Better yet, if I could click "...more" to get to a search results page that has a complete list of matches (and information about the rule it is in). 

Current Behavior - For actions that match the search term, you only see the action names, which in most implementations are not very useful, and would be difficult to make useful (do I include every analytics variable I set in the action in the action name?). In many cases, you'll see the same component name over and over, with no way of differentiating them. 
Also, clicking the "...more" part of the drop-down does nothing.