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Access to rule name for monitoring


Level 4


Add support to easily access the DTM rule name which is currently triggered.

This can be used for monitoring purposes. For example, you could populate an s.prop with the rule name and create a simple Analytics Workspace to monitor that rules are firing as expected over time. This would also mean you could use anomaly detection.

(This was inspired by Jim's "Tag Fire Count" idea)





If you use

in your browser console, you'll see which rules are fired when their logic is triggered.  Where did you want to see it?


Level 9


exposed in the rule in such a way that it can be pushed to a variable, e.g. a built-in data element prop1="%currentRuleName%" that returns the triggered rule's name.  This is something myself and a lot of people have been asking from DTM for a long time and I was hoping it would be available in Launch :/