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[AAE] Add list vars (and purchaseID) to Adobe Analytics extension rules interface


Level 7


List Vars (s.list1, s.list2 and s.list3) are common enough variables (moreso than Hierarchy, I suspect) but right now we have to move to custom code to set them. I understand it gets trickier because of the list-y nature of them, but in most cases my Data Element is making the properly-delimited list I want, and I just need a way to reference it in my rules.


Also, it's odd to have Transaction ID in the interface, but not purchaseID- they're very similar, and it would be nice to be able to set them side by side and not in custom code.



Level 2


I can't tell you how many times I've been asked to debug a "revenue not capturing issue" just to find that an implementor on the client side used the transaction ID field thinking it was setting s.purchaseID.


Level 3


I also miss being able to set s.visitorID in the interface for rules and have to use custom code.  In Launch, I only see it in the global variables area, which is not picked up on a direct call rule.