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AA Product String Builder


Level 6

has anyone used the AA Product String Builder extension. I can't seem to get it working correctly even though I followed the instructions.

following the instructions I created the below product string builder based on the instructions:


below is the dataLayer product array

dataLayer.Cart.items path

then product ID needs to be a string literal so I am passing in name


however something is not working correctly as I get nothing in the console even though I have [3] products.

results below:

[AA Product String Builder] Settings :  {dataLayerRoot: "dataLayer", productStringEvars: Array(0), productStringEvents: Array(1), productCollectionPath: "Cart.items", productStringCategory: "events", …}

VM20645:1    [AA Product String Builder] tracker.events was "event42,event8=2385,purchase"

VM20645:1    [AA Product String Builder] tracker.products was "<not set>"

Also, not sure why tracker.products is not set since I added it per the instructions and I can see dataLayer.Cart.items[n]name


is there something I am missing? any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

- Scott

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