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XML data file issue with multiple instance subforms


Level 5

I created a form in AEM Form Designer where some repeatable subfolders.

However, unlike in other forms I have created, in the XML data file generated by the Email Submit button, the data from the multiple instances of the fields in these repeatable subforms are not grouped together: the first instance is positioned in the order of the form's fields; the following instances are at the bottom of the XML data file.


I don't know what I did differently this time.


Any idea about what I did wrong?


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Can you please following this link and make sure you are following the steps correctly?


Level 5

Placing the repeating form in a wrapper subform fixed the problem... but I am still wondering if this is the only way of achieving it.

To be more clear, with the example below, when the repeating subform is not in the wrapper, the data from the multiple instances of this subform are not grouped together:


However, if I specify a default number of instances (let say 5), the data from these 5 instances are grouped together, but any additional would also fall to the end of the XML data file. see below (instances 1 thru 5 together;  6 and 7 at the bottom).


Is this the normal behavior?


As indicated, placing the repeating subform in a wrapper fixes the concern.





Level 10

This is not a problem and simply a result of the current structure of your form and the bindings set to the related fields. If the data is still populated in the correct way in for the form, you don't need to find a way to change the data structure.