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Working example or demo of AEM sites cookie OptOutService?


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Can anyone point me to a working example/ demo of the cookie opt out service for AEM sites?

It's described on the experienceleague website here - but when i follow the documentation and use the client library javascript in a Sightly/ HTML template, method calls like getCookieNames() return an empty array.  

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Thanks for the links @Asutosh_Jena_ , your second link is the one in my original post.
I've worked through the documentation but, while the code executes OK, client-side Javascript does not read the OSGi-configured service values, as the documentation suggests it should. I raised a Forum question a few weeks ago when I was working through this initially but didn't solve it. 


I would like to see a working example of this cookie opt out feature so that i see how a working implementation differs from mine, so that I can spot what is wrong.


The client-side scripts for the opt out feature is in the content db at /libs/clientlibs/granite/utils/source/OptOutUtil.js.  The Javascript includes inline code comments that read as i've pasted below.   I'm not clear how to add the described  "...optionally included component..."(?).  There is no /libs/granite/security/... node in my local AEM instance.  How does that get created, or is this inline code documentation out of date?


     * A library to determine whether any opt-out cookie is set and whether a given cookie name is white-listed.
     * The opt-out and white-list cookie names are determined by a server-side configuration
     * (<code>com.adobe.granite.security.commons.OptOutService</code>) and provided to this tool by an optionally
     * included component (<code>/libs/granite/security/components/optout</code>) which provides a global JSON object
     * named <code>GraniteOptOutConfig</code>.
     * @static
     * @class Granite.OptOutUtil