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I currently have a Workflow that is set to launch automatically at 2PM everyday. I am using Scheduler to launch the Workflow. However, I will need that Workflow to have a High Priority. I was wondering how I could set that Workflow to have a High Priority so that the Workflow executes before others. I have tried to go to OSGi Configurations to "Queue: Granite Workflow Queue"  and it does not have an option for me to specifically choose only that specific Workflow to have a High Priority. Please help me navigate how I could resolve this. 


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HI @ChanuteJo ,

You can define service ranking and give it a higher value.

Service ranking is defined by the OSGi Core Specification as follows: If multiple qualifying service interfaces exist, a service with the highest service.ranking number, or when equal to the lowest service.id, determines which service object is returned by the Framework.
 Annotation use for it is :
For more details on it, you can refer:




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Thankyou for the suggestion

How do I know which of the OSGi Configuration I should Configure as there are so many AuthenticationHandler? I want to set a specific workflow to have the highest service.ranking. Could you maybe help me navigate that?

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Hi @ChanuteJo ,


You should be able to configure it like this

  "queue.name":"Workflow Queue Configuration",
  "queue.maxparallel": 15,
  "queue.retries": 0,

you can define your workflow at the top and then others .


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Thankyou for the suggestion. 

So I just have to create new OSGi configuration and use this a a code? Or how do I add this line of code into the OSGi configuration. Please help me navigate I am quite new to AEM.