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Workflow Model not working for parent folders and files


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Issue with Publish workflow not working for parent folders.

I have used /var/workflow/models/activationmodel for the publishing.

I have programmatically added the activation of the workflow it seems to be recognizing the complete path of the file but if we give parent folders , it does not recognize it. Expectation is it would activate the parent folder alongwith all the files inside the folder. Please help suggest.


       String path=request.getParameter("path");
        ResourceResolver resourceResolver = request.getResourceResolver();
        Session session = resourceResolver.adaptTo(Session.class);
         String model = "/var/workflow/models/activationmodel";

        // Create a workflow session
        WorkflowSession wfSession = workflowService.getWorkflowSession(session);
              WorkflowModel wfModel = wfSession.getModel(model);                
            WorkflowData wfData = wfSession.newWorkflowData("JCR_PATH", path);
            wfSession.startWorkflow(wfModel, wfData);
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Hi @sonaliku ,

Try to create a list, which will eventually have all the paths that is being published. For that you will have to iterate a folder first where all the child nodes are residing.
Now in replicator you can replicate these paths.

Sample code that you can refer:

if (path.contains("<folder-path>")) {
                        Resource resource = resourceResolver.getResource(path)
                        if(resource != null && !ResourceUtil.isNonExistingResource(resource)) {                         
                            Node node = resource.adaptTo(Node.class);
                            NodeIterator nodeIterator = node.getNodes();
                            while (nodeIterator.hasNext()) {
                                String contentPath = nodeIterator.nextNode().getPath().toString()
                        logger.debug("Activate only single page.");

                    AgentIdFilter filter = new com.day.cq.replication.AgentIdFilter(<replication-agent>);
                    ReplicationOptions opts = new ReplicationOptions();
                        replicator.replicate(session, ReplicationActionType.ACTIVATE, multiplePagePaths, opts);



Hope it helps!




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Kautuk Sahni