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Workflow launcher check multiple paths


Level 4

I have two dam folders which should have different workflows running up on upload. We used to have only one and i used the following pattern and it worked. This is for DAM update asset workflow. It used to not run workflow when assets get uploaded in to geometrixx-beach folder.


now, i also want geometrixx-summer folder to be like this. I do not want DAM update asset workflow to run, i tried various different glob patterns but none of them worked. i am looking for some thing like below.

/content/dam(/(?!geometrixx-beach || ?!geometrixx-summer).*/.*/)renditions/original [does not work]

Basically, i need a pattern where DAM update asset workflow will not run for geometrixx-beach and geometrixx-summer folders.


Thanks for your help.

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Level 2

I am in the same boat and like to know if you are able to achieve it.