Why AEM-Eclipse plugin is not able to recognize the archetype11 projects.?



Why AEM archetype11 projects are not able to show in Add resources when i try to add in AEM Server in Eclipse Neon for the Sync.

And if i have only the projects open in Eclipse that have been created by archetype11 (and all other aem archetype10 projects closed) then i can see a popup as shown below.

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Answers (1)



This should have been working archetype 11 (just as archetype 10). So needs to be reported as MC Stuff suggested. In the meantime, I could get it to work by:

Right click each project > Properties > Project Facets > [select right project facet as listed below]

For [project].it.tests, and [project].core: Check Bundle module 

For [project].ui.apps, and [project].ui.content: Check Content module, Dynamic Web Module, Java, JavaScript, and Sightly 

The projects would then show up on Add and Remove