Website used Livefyre for comments before Adobe purchase. Can I get my comments back?



Since 2012, my website embedded Livefyre for comments using this JS:


For example, on this page you should see a comment form:


The JS still seems to be available, but no comment form is rendering.

I'm really hoping that my years of comments haven't been deleted as a result of Adobe having purchased Livefyre!

How do I get my commenting system working again?

            <!-- START: Livefyre Embed -->

            <div id="livefyre-comments"></div>

            <script type="text/javascript" src="https://zor.livefyre.com/wjs/v3.0/javascripts/livefyre.js"></script>

            <script type="text/javascript">

            (function () {

                var articleId = fyre.conv.load.makeArticleId(14100);

                fyre.conv.load({}, [{

                    el: 'livefyre-comments',

                    network: "livefyre.com",

                    siteId: "371996",

                    articleId: articleId,

                    signed: false,

                    collectionMeta: {

                        articleId: articleId,

  url: "http://sampleswap.org/mp3/song.php?id=4100",


                }], function() {});



            <!-- END: Livefyre Embed -->