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  • Loni Stark Senior Director, Strategy and Product Marketing
  • Cedric Huesler Director, Product Management

Session Recording:- Experience_Insider_Webinar_Series_20Feb18_4

Q & A of the session "what's New in AEM 6.4 webinar" :

[Question] Apologies if this was already asked/covered somewhere else however when will AEM 6.4 be released?

[Answer] Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 will be released after Adobe Summit. Watch for announcements via Twiiter @AEM_Dev and AdobeMktgCloud

[Question]So any Sensei applicaitons are only for Adobe Managed Services-hosted solutions?

[Answer] Adobe Sensei can be made available (connected) to on-prem deployements as well.  However, they will require that you are licensed to connect to Adobe Sensei for specific capabilites - please discuss with your Adobe account rep for details

[Question] Will creative cloud only integrate with 6.4?

[Answer] The upcoming creative cloud connector will work with 6.2 and higher.  This capability will be made available (rolled out) throughout 2018. Stay tuned for more details

[Question] So that feature set is for Adobe Managed Services hosted solutions only. Correct?

[Answer] Yes, Cloud Manager is exclusive for Adobe Managed Services customers.

[Question] Can we do a bulk smart crop ?

[Answer] Yes- Smart Crops can be done in bulk. This is a common usage pattern

[Question]The features mentioned that require Adobe Managed Services - does that only apploy to Enterprise or also Basic MS?

[Answer] many of these features work on both Eneterprise and Basic MS.  Please work with your adobe account rep for details

[Question]when will the desktop app be availabkle for Macs?

[Answer] Are you referring to the AEM Desktop App? If so, this has been available for Macs for a long time.  Or were you referring to the new native connection just shown?

[Question] Are there any new features available in 6.4 for in-house hosted AEM?

[Answer] Yes - Most of these features can work with in-house hosted AEM.  However, Cloud Manager is requires that your enviroment is hosted by Adobe.  For the "smart features", those are only available as a cloud service, but can be licensed to "connect to your in-house enviroment.

[Question] @Elliot, so when you say can be licensed, is there an additional license fee for that?

[Answer] This depends on the type of license you have.  Given that many have very different contracts - I suggest talking with your Adobe account rep.  (For example, if you aready are licensed for Dynamic Media cloud services - the Smart Crop feature is already included)

[Question] Is kpi & audience defined in analytics ?

[Answer] Correct, Adobe Analytics is the primiary source for the KPI and Segments/Audiences

[Question] Does Smart crop works as cloud service behyond the scene to get best crop?

[Answer] That is correct - Smart Crop uses Cloud Services (powered by Adobe Sensei) to auto generate the crops and color swatches.

[Question] Does combining style works on all the oob components ?

[Answer] The Style System works on all components - also your existing compnoents. See https://na01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fhelpx.adobe.com%2Fexperience-manage...

[Question] will AEM Forms be covered in this webinar?

[Answer] We will have further deep dives for the various capabilities of Expereince Manager. Watch for invitations

[Question] is smart crop another rendition?

[Answer] Yes - Smart Crop can be considered another "rendition"

[Question] does that rendition get saved in the DAM like a typical rendition?

[Answer] No - the Smart Crop rendition is stored in our cloud for efficiency

[Question] Can an author change the section of the image that is pre-selected?

[Answer] Yes. An author can override the machine suggested crops

[Question]Does it require additional licenses to use Sensei and Smart solutions?

[Answer] This depends on your contract.  In some cases, these cloud services may already be included in your license. Suggest discussing with your Adobe account rep to understand what you have access to

[Question] Can smart cropping be applied to renditions auto-generated by Dynamic Media?

[Answer] Yes - In fact, Smart Crop requires Dynamic Media.

[Question] can we not be able to have AI Based smart solutions, if we are not part of  adobe managed services cloud?

[Answer] You can still connect to Smart Based solution if you are not part of managed services - hope you've seen the previous responses for details on how to connect to the cloud.

[Question] All the "Smart" solutions - Smart Tags, Smart Crop, ... does this use remote connections to "sensei"? Do these required additional licenses?

[Answer] Yes - the Smart solutions require connections to the cloud as they are powered by Adobe Sensei (machine learning framework)