WCMUsePojo in AEM6.3 not working



Hi All,

I have created a class which extends WCMUsePojo. But it's not working, it is giving following error.

com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUsePojo Failed to activate Use class

java.lang.NullPointerException: null

This is the code:

import com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUsePojo;

public class TestUse extends WCMUsePojo {

     String text;



    public void activate() throws Exception {

    text = get("text", String.class);

        log.debug("Text: {}", text);

        log.info("--- Started : : Activate");       


    public String getText (){

        return this.text;



I have also included uber.jar in the pom.and the bundle is in the active state.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

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Thanks All, the issue is solved. The acs-commons bundle is causing the issue because of twitter dependency. It is working fine after adding twitter bundle and restarting the core bundle.