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Vulnerability issues but we are not using this libs directly in pom.xml


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This are the Vulnerability issue but we are not using directly in AEM pom.xml files, how to resolve this issue?


1. org.owasp.esapi:esapi is vulnerable to path traversal. A remote authenticated user is able to break out of expected directory via a crafted input through `getValidDirectoryPath` function, because it may incorrectly treat the tested input string as a child of the specified parent directory. Very High ESAPI-

2. Remote code execution occurs in Apache Solr before 7.1 with Apache Lucene before 7.1 by exploiting XXE in conjunction with use of a Config API add-listener command to reach the RunExecutableListener class. Elasticsearch, although it uses Lucene, is NOT vulnerable to this. Note that the XML external entity expansion vulnerability occurs in the XML Query Parser which is available, by default, for any query request with parameters deftype=xmlparser and can be exploited to upload malicious data to the /upload request handler or as Blind XXE using ftp wrapper in order to read arbitrary local files from the Solr server. Note also that the second vulnerability relates to remote code execution using the RunExecutableListener available on all affected versions of Solr. Very High LUCENE-QUERYPARSER-4.7.2.JAR

3. org.apache.sling.commons.json is vulnerable to Improper Input Validation. The vulnerability exists because the library does not properly validate user inputs, which allows an attacker to trigger unexpected errors by supplying maliciously crafted input. Very High ORG.APACHE.SLING.COMMONS.JSON-2.0.20.JAR


Vishal Bansal



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One of your dependencies might be internally using it, find that and update it to latest version.

Thanks for reply!! 

Is there any way to find this internally dependency? go through one by one each dependency it's quite difficult!!


Thanks & Regard,

Vishal Bansal


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You can find details in maven central repository site. For example



Above link of one of maven plugin with version 3.4.1, scroll down to find all Compile, Provided, Test dependencies.


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Hi @vishal-bansal-sbr 
Did you find the suggestions from users helpful? Please let us know if more information is required. Otherwise, please mark the answer as correct for posterity. If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.


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How did you find those vulnerabilities? Were you just scanning your application or were you scaning the uber.jar file of AEM? Or even scanning the AEM instance itself (or SDK)?


In any way, I would check with Adobe support.